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Our goal is to help clients solve business challenges by cross-fertilizing fine blends of creativity, innovation, craft, strategy and technology.

Branding. Mass & Social Media Marketing.

Web Development. Content Creation. Business Management

Event planning & Management. Graphics Design. Photography & Cinematography

Corporate Brand Activations. Fashion & Lifestyle. Persona Management

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Writing services

We offer writing services for brands and personas. We provide services for all kinds of writings suitable for your personal & business purposes: including creative writing, content & copywriting, cover writing, resume writing, editing, ghost writing, proofreading & rewriting services. We also create business plans, models and proposals amongst others.

Photo & Cinematography

Our photography services can be employed to improve your business. We have creative professional photographers who know their onions; offering professional photography services for weddings & events, lifestyles, advertisements, sports, fashion stores and portraits. We have professional videographers to cover your events in manners that retain lingering memories. Addition service includes live feeds of your events.

Graphics Design & Prints

You might not get the best designs and prints service if you have not contacted us. Our services cover designs, prints and everything between: logos, fliers, ad designs, business cards, billboards, banners, magazines, brochures, stationery & souvenirs. Creativity meets professionalism here. You talk, we do.

Fashion & Modelling

We are open to brands who need to find models to promote their service, and models who are looking out for brands. We are open to brands who need modelling services to remind their audience that their brands still live


We offer publishing services, build author’s brand, and protect copyright services. We also help authors to nurture their talents, and find their audience.


Franchising & Expansion

Our firm buys franchise business. Our expertise at business promotions and strategies is top-notch, and we can help you with feasible ideas and approaches to expand and grow your business.

Recruitment & HR

We can help you find job candidates, screen candidates, and identify qualified people. We also help firms to manage their human resources. We know the best places and how to find the candidates for your jobs. Let’s business, we are resourceful.

Analysis & Consultation

Our agency runs in-depth business analysis on your business (ideas, start-ups, or existing). We have analytical tools to backtrack and project your business prospects. We help you find out where you have been getting it wrong.

Web Development & Management

We own a network of professional web designers who can manage and create websites for your business. Our web designers are well experienced, with the ability to create websites having comprehensive interface and a user friendly experience.

Digital Marketing

We have resources to provide a wide range of marketing services through the social media. We can help you increase your product and service sales. We will help you with marketing strategies for business  activations, and promotions, as well.

Campus & Brand Ambassadors

We handle campus and public activations for brands who need to work on promotions. We have resourceful campus and public networks to help create awareness that you desire across higher institutions and the country. We handle resources of student and public personalities who can represent your brand and help improve your brand awareness through promotional strategies.


Catering,Ushering & Compere

We can run your events for you. We have a network of all the necessary workmanship that will be needed for an experential event management and creative production. Event planners, Caterers, Ushers, Compere, Stage and event set up.

Personality Management

We are in the business of personality management. We are a creative and resourceful agency that channels all power at hand to the growth and representation of your persona artiste, public figures, talents et al. We employ great strategies and approaches to improve our clients public image and fanbase

Song & Show Promotions

We run professional campaigns for your songs, shows, album, premieres. We run promotion with our network of media radios, TVs, social media, websites, etc. We are strategist at increasing publicity and streams for your songs.

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