December Panic And Why It’s Bad For Business

This is what happens when you panic; Your heart pounds. You can’t catch your breath. You feel consumed by fear and may even think you’re dying—even though you’re really in no danger. You speculate and allow your emotions get the best of you. There’s a new syndrome in town called the December Panic Syndrome (DPS) […]

Call For Calm on Tonso Elite Standards

We would like to state emphatically that any form of corporate or independent crisis poses a significant threat to operations that can in turn have negative consequences if not handled properly.  In corporate crisis management, the threat is the potential damage a crisis can inflict on an organization, its stakeholders, and even an entire industry.  […]

Bakare Mubarak Receives Honours At 2020 African Achievers’ Award

Bakare Mubarak who is a Nigerian model and cultural ambassador was honoured at the African Achievers’ Award 10th anniversary on the 5th of December, 2020. In a letter signed by African Achievers’ Award Chairperson, Councillor. Susan Fajana Thomas, Mubarak was invited as a Special Guest and he received the honours at the 2020 Award ceremony […]