Call For Calm on Tonso Elite Standards

this is a design of tonso elite enterprise limited

We would like to state emphatically that any form of corporate or independent crisis poses a significant threat to operations that can in turn have negative consequences if not handled properly. 

In corporate crisis management, the threat is the potential damage a crisis can inflict on an organization, its stakeholders, and even an entire industry.  Such crisis can create three related threats:  (1) public safety, (2) financial loss, and (3) reputation loss.

As Dilenschneider (2000) noted in The Corporate Communications Bible, “…all crises threaten to tarnish an organization’s reputation.”
A crisis reflects poorly on an organization and may damage a reputation to some degree.  Clearly these three threats are interrelated, as a threat to public safety may lead to fatal injuries or deaths which will result in financial and reputation loss while reputations have a financial impact on organizations.

Highlighting these critical factors, we state categorically that the company operational blueprint and strategy has not failed. The rationale behind the present day reality is due to financial anxiety further intensified by the festive season, which is why attending to the needs of clients is being carried out in midsize batches till everyone is cleared. Standards will not be compromised for any reason.

Stakeholders, partners, marketers, staff, family and friends – everyone needs to get something out and deservedly so.
Obviously, accuracy is important anytime the company communicates information with the public, more so, bearing in mind how this information might affect them.  Thus, oftentimes, because of the time pressure in situations like this, there is always a risk of inaccurate and defamatory information making the rounds.

To this end, it is noteworthy to state that a selective composition of meticulous industry experts made up of – public relations, legal, security, operations, finance, and human resource personnel are all currently working overtime to fast-track processes that work primarily in the interest and guarantees the value expectation from clients.

Compliments of the season.

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23 Responses

  1. We’re patiently waiting and hoping for the best. But we need enough communication And often reassurance from the company, also updates on developments … #TEEL

  2. Well Done. People really need to stay calm cause it’s the psychological panic that will cause chaos.
    Thanks TEEL for keeping us Informed.

  3. You guys have being consistent and diligent.This plug is like the most trusted and tested .As an old investor i Must say let’s all be calm and support the team.Its just a phase and this too shall pass❣️💡TEEl to the world 🌎

  4. Is nice work from Tonsoelite company, ever since have been investing with you guys have been at rest of mind, If I have any Issue , I complained and you people resolved it for me accordingly.
    Also many thanks to the person using this No +2347025000028
    As she most time attend to me fantastically. Thanks you all

  5. Thank you tonsoelite.
    Please do keep to your promise of paying us while we your investors exercise patience. God bless you

  6. I mark that
    And I trust TONSO
    Pls don’t disappoint those that trust you guys by making them feel like blind people

  7. Lowkey, grammer is too much please.🤣🤣😂😂
    As much as it may be a learning process to learn new thing daily, use of ambigious words tends to miscommunicate the content of an information. Primarily, why do people communicate? To pass information. In essense you will be unable to communicate with people when you dont use terms they are accustomed to and in turns create doubts. Thanks

  8. Hmmm
    This is scary but all I can say is to please stand your ground and make everything work out for good
    If you want to be rich one must be willing to take risk ok
    My own advice is pls just don’t told up what ever they say is not my concern am dealing with you and not them
    Most customers will be having different thoughts ehn my money and all that
    Just please take it slowly and make sure you bounce back ok
    Cus I knw December market is always bad for Forex trading
    But please be careful and safe while trading
    It’s good you pend all transactions till February
    It’s better to take a step down and re strategize than to crash
    Like the rest
    Just please let this organization run for life so we can all smile

  9. The best way to call for calm is to open communication with your affiliate and other investors. Responding to queries and having strategic meeting with key stakeholders also alleviate crisis. We all wish Tonso well but one good turn deserves another. You also must be concern with the effect of any of your decisions as it affect your partners.
    The best solution to conflict resolution in any crisis is always dialogue and respect to all parties.
    Please do the needful.

  10. I surely believe in the system. If everyone is to withdraw there money from a bank with every stakeholders share removed, the bank will never stand. Let’s all calm down till matters are resolved. Let’s believe in the process and I believe all will work together for good.
    Compliments of the season.

  11. I want to join your investment train by January 4 2021, but don’t know how it can be possible since you are not open till end of January

  12. God bless all that you do guys. I must say that I am really impressed about how transparent you have been so far about the whole thing. I will urge you to take as much time you need such that by the time you start paying again people will forget about this moment but what they will not forget so quickly is if you shut down completely with all their hopes dashed. This is just a phase it will pass!

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