Creat in Kenya

CREAT NAIJA IN KENYA DOCUMENTARY FILM 1 CREAT NAIJA IN KENYA Last year, we embarked on the journey to expand our reach to other countries in Africa apart from Nigeria. We commenced on a short film project  that was shot last year in Kenya and released this year in Nigeria , The short film project […]

IF I GO TO HELL (A Short Story)

   IF I GO TO HELL ( A SHORT STORY ) Today is Sunday.My mother screams a lot. Her voice is dangerous to the human ear. In its normal state, it would pass as a sound distortion like a break in transmission of a radio frequency. Yet, she wouldn’t stop screaming and yelling at every […]

Bakare Mubarak Receives Honours At 2020 African Achievers’ Award

Bakare Mubarak who is a Nigerian model and cultural ambassador was honoured at the African Achievers’ Award 10th anniversary on the 5th of December, 2020. In a letter signed by African Achievers’ Award Chairperson, Councillor. Susan Fajana Thomas, Mubarak was invited as a Special Guest and he received the honours at the 2020 Award ceremony […]