December Panic And Why It’s Bad For Business

This is what happens when you panic; Your heart pounds. You can’t catch your breath. You feel consumed by fear and may even think you’re dying—even though you’re really in no danger. You speculate and allow your emotions get the best of you.

There’s a new syndrome in town called the December Panic Syndrome (DPS) and a lot of people are catching up to this fever. The syndrome is extremely communicable. It throws one into paranoia in split seconds, sometimes it pulls one to go on social media to make unfounded claims. These episodes of extreme fear often happens without warning.

December Panic Syndrome is a term used to describe for instance, the frantic and agitated move made by investors when a trading company announces a shift in policy that will ultimately provide security for investors’ funds.

A lot of persons have started showing these tendencies towards one of our partners — Tonso Elite Enterprises Ltd. There is serious anxiety and some are losing their breath from overthinking, while in reality in order to deal with excessive payouts caused by DPS, all payments would resume unfailingly on or before February 1st, 2021. This is to create a well-planned framework to deal with market contingencies and satisfy all investors adequately, as the security of all investments and welfare of all investors remain at the core of the company’s concerns.

Don’t join the panic train. Stay calm and positive. Keep that adrenaline for some other time because this is not a fight-or-flight situation.

There is a second wave of the global pandemic out there for us to worry about, we do not need to catch up with the December Panic Syndrome

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4 Responses

  1. I’ve been laughing at people complaining since the memo came out . Until now Tonso elite has never failed or withheld payment. So what’s the panic for? Financial security sometimes requires certain actions and if that’s what Tonso is Doing, why shouldn’t we be thankful? We should be thankful because They are making sure we do not have reasons to cry over loss of capital of any sort. Even if truly the news was shocking and came late. O ba ni ko baje. Ask me, I will tell you it is Tonso Elite anytime any day. He structure , Management, Customer service response And all is so Intact and well organized. I haven’t regretted trading with Tonso Elite Enterprise Limited and I don’t think I will ever will. God bless TEEL💙

  2. What shall we say to these things then?
    We are hopeful and optimistic nothing goes or will go wrong.
    I am personally hopeful. There’s nothing false about hope!

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